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GC Sunday School

The Origin

The First English-based Catholic Sunday School in Surabaya. Redemptor Mundi’s own English-based youth group has a long history to begin with. It started back in the year 2006 when Fr.Boedi was still head of the parish. Fr. Jelantik was tasked to form the Sunday School for the parish’s morning English mass. On October 2006, Fr Jelantik gathered 7 people to formulate and kickstart the Sunday school; they were Anna, David, Evi, Ivone, Rico, Siska and Tina. The first meeting was at Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral, discussing from the curriculum, roster and method of teaching for the class which began at Advent 2006.

The first Christmas of first batch of Redemptor Mundi’s Sunday School Teachers

The Sunday school classes was started only with one class, and as the year progressed, more children attended the class and by the end of year 2007, there arose the need to divide the class to 2 groups, primary and pre-primary class. As the year progressed, more and more youth and young adults helped out at the Sunday School, there were initiatives from the community to create a group which cater to the spiritual needs of the youth by using English as first language.

Our Sunday School program has been formed since 2006. The teachers contributed their experiences to Sunday School using styles adopted from many different countries including Australia and Singapore. Sunday School began with only one class handled by 6 teachers and as the number of kids and teachers grew, the number of classes expanded to 2 and now to 4. The Sunday School team is innovative, creative and is rapidly evolving; catering to the Kids using a contemporary style of teaching the Gospel.


Time : At 10 a.m Sunday Masses~
Place : Balai Paroki Redemptor Mundi Church

Engaging Activities, Collaborated materials for education, creative and spiritual growth

Children from Redemptor Mundi Sunday School making art and craft




Baby Class

  • Age Bracket:
    infants up to 3 years old
  • Class Coordinator:
    dr. David Suhartono; Happy and energetic vibe
  • Teaching Materials:
    vivid images, joyful songs, and various creative and interactive activities to introduce the Catholic concepts in a fun and engaging way

Kindie Class

  • Age Bracket :
    toddlers of 4 years old to kindergarteners
  • Class Coordinator:
    Miss Olivia Handayani (O.H.)
  • Teaching Materials:

Middle Class

  • Age Bracket:
    kids from year 1-2 elementary school
  • Class Coordinator:
    Miss Margaret Srijaya (Greta)
  • Teaching Materials:
    various creative and interactive activities to introduce the Word of the Lord

Big Class

  • Age Bracket:
    kids from year 3-4 elementary school
  • Class Coordinator:
    Miss Florence Nathania – a Sydney University Chemical Engineering Graduate who is passionate in teaching the Word of the Lord, loves kids with motherly instincts and teaches by fun, creative and contemporary, yet disciplined style.
  • Teaching Materials:
    The format is a Mini-Mass; includes the Word of the Lord, Mini-Homily, Basic Catholic Prayers, Songs and additional basic liturgical literature activities.



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