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The formation of Joy

It was started on January 2011. Fr Adrian gathered some of the Sunday school teachers; they are Adrianto, Anton, David, Florence, Gabriella, Joanna, Olivia, Rianto, and Wistomo. The initiation formal meeting was held in Jade Imperial restaurant. During the meeting a decision to form a prayer group named Joy which stands for Jesus Loves Youth, with the basic foundation of joy from the Dominicans. The Prayer group commenced every fortnight on 1st and 3rdSundays of the month. The first prayer group meeting started with 12 members and the group is seen to strengthen the spirituality and joy in the group.

Formation of Joy

From Sunday School, Joy, Teen Catechism and lastly GC

While all of the Sunday school, and Joy have been going, Redemptor Mundi established another activity to increase spirituality and ministry for the teen through Teen Catechism program, with Rev.Paul and Fr Andrei overseeing the activity and Judi helping out.

It was the 5th prayer group meeting when the group realized that there is already a group named Joy in St.James Parish. Thus Fr Adrian suggested the name Gaudens Cor, which means joyful heart and it was then Gaudens Cor created. And in 3rd of July, Gaudens Cor prayer meeting was first opened for public with Fr Noel as the first speaker with the topic “Dealing with your parents”. After three prayer meetings, The Gaudens Cor prayer meeting name then was changed to GC night to make it sound more pleasing.

Gaudens Cor present and future

Gaudens Cor now has their core team members consisting of coordinators of Sunday School, Teen Catechism and Gaudens Cor Night involving a total of 35 active youths in ministry. They are coordinating ways to improve their youth’s ministry skills through training of trainers, leadership programs, music and vocal practice, and also increasing spirituality through cell prayer group, and bible studies.


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