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Summary of English Homily, 3rd week of Lent

from bitter to better, and eventually..blessed

from bitter to better, and eventually..blessed

Homily Summary 3rd Week of Lent

March 3, 2013

In the past few weeks, the priests in RM are quite busy. Sometimes even if you want to do lots of things, you can’t. We get sick. Our body stops us. I got migraine, another one got flu. The reality is we can’t do much because we are sick. But come to look at it, we rest when we want to do something. This is the bitter part, but we must accept this bitter part for the better part.

A few days ago, my throat was so itchy. I took lozages, lo han kuo, with no effect. Then someone gave me a box of medicine, when I took it, it tasted so bad it was like poison!! But it was the most effective! I had to take the bitter to feel better.

It was bitter for the Pope and us, but he must do what is better for the Church, like the Israelite who must did something bitter–40 years in the dessert. It was so bitter they wanted to return to Egypt, yet they must continue to swallow this bitterness to have a better life in the promised land.

God’s way is not our way. Sometimes we complain of the bitter and painful things in life. How come many people suffer? How to make it better?

In John 9:3, Jesus answered his disciples who asked if the man was born blind because of his sin or his parents’, “Neither was it for his own sin nor for his parents’ sin. He was born blind so that God’s power might be shown in him.” Bad things happen not only because of our sins, not necessarily, things happen at random, that’s why we see good people suffer and bad people becoming very rich. But for those who believe, God’s providence and protection is with them. Philipians 4:6-7. Even if something bitter happen, God’s power would enable us to accept.

Once I gave a retreat in the Philippines. The road was bumpy and dusty, no air-con, 3 hours ride. “Lord, please make this better!” I went to the convent and the nuns showed me my room—a hospital room and a hospital bed! And I could not sleep at all.

“Sisters, I could not sleep at the bed, maybe someone died there.” (joke)

“Yes, father, 4 people died there.”

There were very few Catholic priests so they were so happy they could listen to a Catholic priest. Bitter leads to better!

The Lord is so good He doesn’t stop at the better, He let us feel blessed. He gives us the power to overcome these bitterness. We will conquer all of this bitterness because God is with us! Nothing can separate us from God’s love.

If bad things happen, it’s not about WHAT happened but HOW we react to it. We catholics prefer to accept it and turn it to something better. And we feel blessed.



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