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A warm Christmas greetings from half way around the world: Angelicum, Rome

A warm Christmas greeting from half way around the world: Angelicum, Rome

Christmas Day

In the world filled with sin, night can be so dark. Cold! Life can be so gloomy. Lonely! It was precisely to that dark and cold night that Jesus was born. But not gloomy and lonely!

Even at the beginning of his life, Jesus had to bear the inconveniences of life. Yet, God the Father was not lacking in providence for that baby. The Father provides! There was a simple but meaningful celebration of his birth. It may not be so obvious, for we always look for grandeurs, but it was there in subtle ways.

First, there was Mary and Joseph. They were simple people with beautiful hearts. They were obedient, even to the rule of the Caesar. Despite Mary’s old pregnancy, they followed the command to register themselves. They were willing to sacrifice themselves for each other and for God’s mission. Jesus certainly had wonderful parents! A reason to celebrate.

Second, Jesus had to be laid down on an ugly manger. Very uncomfortable, I believe, and yet still the simple manger kept Jesus warm and safe; a reason to celebrate.

And third, there were the shepherds. They certainly broke the silence of the night, with their simplicity and joy. They brought more warmth to the stall; yet another reason to celebrate.

Christmas, for some, may be far from joyful. There are many reasons to be sad indeed, but try to count your blessings, and find simple reasons to celebrate this Christmas. Sin holds us away from true joy, but Jesus is born today to return to us those simple but true joys in life.

Above all, Jesus is the reason for our joy. He brings us the joy of living in grace, living a holy life. Our life can be dark and cold, but with Jesus in our hearts, it does not have to be gloomy and lonely.

Merry Christmas! May Christ be born in our hearts today.

Fr. Adrian, OP
Angelicum, Rome

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