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Love and Lust, what is the difference?

Summary of “Love vs Lust” Presentation by Fr Noel

written by : Maximus Teguh Satria

On this fantastic session taught by Fr. Noel, we learnt how to distinguish the difference between the most confused romantic affections, love and lust. As a group that is made of mostly young generations, it is very crucial for us to distinguish these two feelings and not to get them mixed up. Love is a beautiful thing that promotes healthy relationship between people with positive traits as the foundation such as: Affection, caring, faithfulness and loyalty, confidence, and willingness to make sacrifices for others. While, lust, is a strong emotional affection that is often unhealthy in nature because it has negative traits as the drive, such as: Strong sexual desire, gratification, passion, and acquisitiveness.

Unfortunately nowadays, the word “love” has lost its meaning, the word love is used freely and loosely that almost everyone has forgotten its core foundation and that is “willingness to make sacrifices for others without expecting a payback” and love has no sexual desire as the drive. The word love nowadays has been overused to the point where it is often confused with what is supposed to be lust. Thanks to Fr. Noel, we learnt a great deal how to differentiate love and lust, not only that but to change and move our lust affection towards love, a healthier and long lasting relationship. Lastly, Fr. Noel also gave us the characteristics of true love, so we can avoid making mistakes to think lust as love and moving our relationships towards healthier affection that is love.

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