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Father Adrian Adiredjo, OP

Gaudens Cor Catholic Youth Ministry started out as a small group of young adults who set aside time to serve God. The Group’s Name ‘Gaudens Cor’ has its root from the Latin Phrase of the same meaning, which translates to: ‘Joyful Heart’. Being enthusiastic in their callings, these Youths joined vision together to form an English-speaking community at the Redemptor Mundi (RM) Parish, Surabaya. The Group is currently under the kind guidance of Father Adrian Adiredjo, OP.

When not busy in their studies or works, these committed Catholic Youths are dedicating their energies to the construction of Four (4) main Pillars of the Community; they are, namely: Sunday School teaching, GC Prayers Meeting, Teen Cathecism, and last but not least, GC Cell Group.

In addition to Weekly Kids’ Bible studies & tutoring session, GC Youths are honing their sharp skills in a variety of Christian music genres, serving at the weekly parish mass. They also organize regular fund-raising events, as well as exciting outing activities to strengthen the bond of its members. GaudensCor now has in the core team members a total of 35 active youths which coordinates the ways to improve the youth’s ministry skills through training, leadership programs, music and vocal practices, as well as enhancing spiritual life through cell-prayers group, and bible studies.

Gaudens Cor is always open to new ideas of improvements and welcome each of you to participate in Our community. Whether you are here to have spiritual refreshments, or are looking for a community where you can share, you can always have your home right here right now at our parish..


A Short Biography of Father Nilo Asuncion Lardizabal, OP


Fr. Nilo Lardizabal, OP

He was born in a family of doctors and engineers on September 25, 1978, in Manila, Philippines. From a young age, Fr. Nilo was brought up in a very close-knit family, with his only sister, Neza Lardizabal. Most of the family members were schooled and trained in Dominican schools – the early years were in schools of the Dominican sisters, and further studies at the University of Santo Tomas, also in Manila.

At 33 years of age, Fr. Nilo started out as a shy individual, yet had a great love for reading and writing – skills which were used later as a priest. He graduated from elementary in 1992, from High school in 1996 and college, taking up Philosophy at the Faculty of Arts and Letters in 2000.

It was about this time where he experienced a calling from the Lord to be a Dominican priest. He entered the seminary as a postulant in 2000, then wore the Dominican habit a year later where he underwent the novitiate. Had his perpetual profession to the Order in 2005 and ordained a priest on November 30, 2007. So far he is more than four years as a priest.

His involvement in Philosophy prompted his superiors to make him teach the same subject at the University. He teaches Modern and Asian/Easter philosophy. A major requirement too is for him to write scholarly articles, and this he did throughout his teaching career. Publications came out in many books, pamphlets and newspaper. Later on, in 2009, he earned his doctorate in Philosophy (PhD), majoring in eastern philosophy.

On October 7, 2011, the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, Fr. Nilo had his formal assignment in Surabaya, Indonesia as a missionary professor to seminarians of Widya Mandala. There he will teach eastern philosophy. Currently he is helping out in the English masses of Redemptor Mundi parish, and is priest coordinator/companion of the Gaudens Cor youth group.

Redemptor Mundi Parish

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Surabaya, East Java
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